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Day 1: Friday 19th August 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Day one. I'd got an early night and woke up early- too early. Somehow managed to get back to sleep. I felt sick and tearful the whole morning, so I knew the show would be good.

My venue is great! And cos I'm the first on I can set up really early before I flyer, which rules. I got into town for 10 and had my venue ready by 10:30ish, postered the venue and did some flyering beforehand. Really set me at ease on that front.

My room at the fringe. Photo is taken at an angle from the door. There is no stage, just grey/green carpet. The back wall has black fabric stapled up in a fancy, showbiz way, and there is light coming in through a window next to the stage. There are 3 rows of yellow seats. On the stage are a mic stand, a table, and a chair holding Katie's props for She Festers and decorated with fake vines and flowers.
My room, set up for the first time.

The show was lovely, I had 11 in and they were all great. Super generous from the first gag in the trigger warning announcement, as soon as I heard that all the nervousness transmuted into excitement and I giggled along with them. I knew 2 of the audience, one of whom had bought along a third. I recognised a couple as recommended by Andrew O'Neill but afterwards, a couple said they'd seen me in the brochure and liked the look of it, which is nice to know that zero-effort advertising does work after all.

I did quite a lot of ad-libbing up front at the top of the show which went well, but then I rushed through it because I was so worried about running over. I came in at approx 45-50 mins, so actually, I'm fine. Tomorrow the goal is to slow down, relax, and enjoy a little more ad-libbing as I go. I did a lot of fat trimming on this show, leaving in only the most thematic and funniest bits. Now I have more room to expand back out and play each day while having a solid base to come back to which seems like a damn good way to spend a 10-day run.

I had to look at my notes twice which has been bugging me. I keep telling myself it's better to do a good, intact show with notes than a woolly one without, but also I am here to present on a global stage. I should at least get it all learnt. And it is learnt, it's just that running orders have always been a problem for me. In the original staging of the show, the props and characters were clockwise around the stage, so I always knew where I was. I think I'm going to alter the staging to reflect this, but the front row is literally on my toes, they really cram in the chairs there that's for sure. I might take away the front row and give myself more room tomorrow unless I get a full house in which case that absolutely fucks it. Maybe this is a mid-week experiment.

3 photos of Katie, a thin white woman with black backcombed hair and pink eye make-up with big black eyeliner and red lipstick. She is wearing a romantic white dress which is pinned up to let her legs move about. There is a hand embroidered mushroom patch sewn on it from her dear friend Alex from Alex Vincent Textiles. She has calf high Doctor Martin-style boots. She pulls a different face in each photo: one with a big cheesy grin, one where she looks worried and scared, and one where she is looking down moodily and looking very cool.
Took 3 photos of my immediate pre-show. One where I look cool, one where I am doing a big cheesy grin, hoping to reassure myself, and one where I'm blatantly absolutely shitting it.

I had drinks after the show with my friends Eoghan, Tom Rostron and his friend. Lunch with Eoghan and then we saw A World Just Like Our Own, But... by John-Luke Roberts and Nightmare Magic by David Alnwick. Both are great. Flyered a bit and then had dinner with friends. Now it's midnight and I have a headache from the 12 hours of intermittent drinking that doesn't seem much until you add it up. Annoyed at myself that I didn't flyer* more for tomorrow's show, but it's awkward without that urgency. Plus selling a show for tomorrow means it gets put in the pile. Eh, we'll see.

Gonna blitz through a running order but it's probably best I sleep now and get in the right headspace for tomorrow. Got my show at midday and ACMS at midnight. Think I'm going to have a nap in the afternoon and do some flyering for the busy people.

*grammarly wants me to change this "typo" to 'flee' which, like, mood.

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