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Day 2: Saturday 20th August 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There were 3 pre-books which was comforting, and I knew I’d have some friends in. I hadn’t flyered the day before, so I was just expecting those 5, but I ended up with 17 which was amazing.

I feel like I didn’t connect early on and flubbed the ball, so the room never reached the peak it could have done. It felt like I was acting for them, and they could see through me, rather than connecting properly. I didn’t feel as seen as yesterday's show. They were lovely, generous with applause and laughter, and I adored them. It's important I say this. I just felt a little off and intimidated, and I think they could tell.

The show ran to 45 mins AGAIN. I did do some fat trimming for this show, but I think I might have been overzealous. I’m going to add more to Armadillo in prep for ACMS anyway, but I think that will do the show some good. My ad-libs have also been fun, but I didn’t connect enough to be able to pull things from the audience easily. I think a liiiiiiiiiittle bit of crowd work at the start would fix this.

The crowd was very mixed, when people were filing out, I asked them where they found me and a lot of people found me on the “whats on nearby” function of the website- a function I’ve since found out only works on iPhones. Now I get why people miss the app so much. There were people I wouldn’t have flyered with my target audience in mind, which was really helpful to stop me being so judgmental, I guess.

I looked at my notes once, in the same place. It’s at a point where the silly start teeters over into the feeling stuff, and it feels like that should be later on in the show- it’s a surprise when I get there already. If I do add something in it perhaps should be at this point.

There could be some stuff from my current club sets, but nothing seems to go with the themes. Lesbian coming out not relevant, perhaps the repeating rockstar jobs and motorhead sing-along could work? But I’m only 15 under and that’s 10 minutes of jokes. They just don’t match the themes and it would be jokes for jokes sake. I definitely need to sure up more of my ad-libs into the permanent work though.

I thought I was doing ACMS tonight so I had a pretty chill day planned, but it’s actually tomorrow. I was relying on that for my flyering quota for the day. I still had my chill day: lunch and coffee with friends, wander over to New Town for some supplies and then a nap in the park which was GORGEOUS. The slope of the hill and temperature was perfect. I’m there writing this now. For the evening idk what I’ll do, I’m rested and unflyered. But, for 2 days in a row, I have achieved my goal of performing to more than 3 people and having a lovely time. My friends Eoghan and Katie are gone for the next week, so I’m really glad I chose to spend the time with them. Flyering can resume in earnest tomorrow and Monday.

Ad-libs, cos I forgot a pen:

  • Forgot “same taste in comedy as Your Dad”, added “a lot of my comedy references are from the 70s… a lot of my early material was very racist. Lot of unlearning to do there”

  • At the end of Long Hexagons 2 “it wouldn’t be in the show if it didn’t work” if the audience isn’t “in” enough.

  • Forgot “cheer if you’re also here for stolen by fairies support group”. Never a big laugh but a very important seed, I now realise.

  • I need to do a physical action to 'earn' clicky knees. Drop the cows?

  • I'm pleased with the way wrap up is shaping up. add in call backs to armadillo, vlad, and gargomel. Perhaps that is for monday's show.

  • more armadillos

  • Oh! And I meant to do this at the start of the show, but I forgot. There’s a children’s dance thing at 10:30 and I bump into parents and kids on the way out pretty regularly. Today as I was heading upstairs a woman told me that my yelling and screaming poster made her child frightened and made them cry. This has happened a few times before, with toddlers looking at me and crying. It feels very weird. It’s funny but also sad. The lady told me laughing, so I laughed as well and promised the child I am actually nice and I just look like a Disney villain. The child didn’t seem convinced.

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