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Personal Profile

She Festers

Katie Mitchell is a queer working class comic who grew up on a council estate and began comedy in sixth form in 2016, moving up the circuit quickly. She started breaking into paid work in 2019, when she was also signed to Ingenious Fools talent agency just in time for the pandemic. She is alternative yet pervasive, revelling in main-stream comedy environments where her infectious, joyful and silly work is a delight on any line-up. 

“A bottomless well of whimsy, with immaculately crafted jokes, and a delivery that could sell the weirdest jokes to the rowdiest audiences. Luckily, our audience is not rowdy, and therefore gave her an even bigger reception that she absolutely deserved. A true alternative comedian.”
-Blizzard Comedy


Creatures Comedy, Doll Parts – Headline 20
XS Malarkey – Middle 20
Rob Riley – Middle 10
Bearded Theory Festival – Middle 10
Quantum Leopard – Middle 10
Valhalla of Decadence – Opener and Middle 20
Late Stage –Headline 20
Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche, contestant, team leader, and fill-in host – bucket split.


Paid MC

Labour Party, Late Stage Comedy
Regular MC of Late Stage Comedy’s Alternative Night
Blizzard Comedy
NCF Canal House 


Corporate - Gedling Borough Council, 5 minutes

Blizzard Comedy, Opener 10

Cabaret Du Vampyr at Leeds Festival of Gothica, middle 10 stand-up
Tour Support for Andrew O’Neill’s I am a Rich Man and I Have Many Sons
Troy Club – Middle 10
Tour Support for Andrew O’Neill’s Black Magick Fun Hour – Opening20
Tour Support for The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Opening 20


Paid Sets

Paid and unpaid

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